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The Galactic Times Newsletter is all about the night sky and current news that relates to what you can see in the sky tonight. It discusses current news that does, and often does NOT, make the larger media related to the stars and planets you see in the evening, and then tells you how to find those very same objects. The Newsletter also delves into astronomy that shows up in your everyday life experiences—people, places, things, humor, seriousness, and more. It is works with, and independently, with the podcast of the same name that you can find on almost every podcast directory.

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For more information on where this comes from, head to:
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The Galactic Times Podcast, Astronomy News from Earth to the Ends of the Universe, as discussed by those who make the discoveries
The Classroom Astronomy Magazine (2009-2015) and The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter, astronomy education news and Teachniques!

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